Advanced Analytics

CloudTek principal business has been providing advanced analytics services to support our customers to integrate and update their business systems processes and the technology that supports them.

CloudTek delivers experienced and skilled staff focused on providing innovative data management, architecture, and modeling solutions for our customers including design and implementation, application enhancements and optimization, and operations and maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence

As the potential of AI grows every day, so does corporate pressure to use it. But in the rush to implement AI-powered solutions without a larger vision and strategy in place, initiatives often remain siloed with limited ROI potential.

How do you unleash the full power of AI? By transforming your entire business—not just in small pockets, but at scale. It all begins with a strong AI strategy that empowers you to invest in the right systems, build responsible practices, and prepare your business and your people for tomorrow.

Application Services/ Consulting

To be the disruptor and not the disrupted, you need to put innovation at the heart of your applications, but finding a practical path to doing so is far from straightforward. For most companies, complex application landscapes—with a mix of legacy systems, digital and SaaS—consume too large a share of IT resources and restrict their ability to drive digital growth.

Our innovation-led approach to application services helps you to reinvent your enterprise application portfolio, making use of emerging technology and building with speed and agility to enable you to meet business needs, now and in the future.

Block chain Tech

This capability creates whole new ways of thinking about how to transform processes, drive resiliency across complex networks like supply chains, facilitate trust, verify the digital identity of people and objects, and build new revenue models.

Through a combination of blockchain, biometrics and identity, tokenization, confidential compute and a variety of other technologies also in use today, we are connecting networks of collaborative ecosystems that increase transparency and nimbleness.


Today, more than ever, companies need to operate and compete at an unprecedented speed and scale as industries are reshaping beneath them. This means innovating faster, creating new revenue streams, deriving more insights from data – and from the edge – and interacting differently with their customers, partners and employees. All of these changes are fundamental, inter-connected and require a catalyst to drive them – and that is Cloud.

To capture cloud’s full value, five elements are essential: migration, hyperscaler integration, modernization, management and innovation.

Cyber Security

CloudTek’s Cybersecurity practice delivers mission-critical services and support to ensure that our customer’s systems are secure and compliant with all of the latest Risk Management Framework (RMF), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.

Our highly skilled staff provide everything from management and advisory support to continuous monitoring, governance, and compliance expertise.